“Portugal is a well-kept secret as regards it culinary offerings. It has everything to satisfy the most demanding of palates because its dishes are based on products of the highest quality, cooked in line with traditional recipes.”

To boost the economic progress of our country, we have travelled to share the greatest secret of our culinary tradition with the world: our recipes, in the certainty that our flavours will prove irresistible to all. We take Portugal to the table and give precedence to the richness and quality and the products that make up our traditional gastronomy. Our strategy is one of collective efficiency with our partners, nurturing the sense of cooperation, commitment and interactivity among the agents throughout the production, promotion and commercialisation chain. We create the perfect conditions to establish the bridge between the promotion of a product and its consumption, through our traditional recipes.
We cultivate the pleasure of mealtimes as occasions for sharing. And for making important decisions, especially business decisions, which are best done at the table. Because eating well is part of our tradition!

To this project APTECE is partner of Portugal Foods, InovCluster and Qualifica and a member of the World Food Travel Association, the world’s leading culinary tourism promoter.

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