In Portugal we have many good things to try and tell about, from the interior to the coast, from North to South of Portugal. Is therefore time to ask for a Chair and sit down, for the food is on the table.
As part of its historical and cultural make-up, Portugal possesses a rich, varied and original culinary heritage. A heritage of which we should be proud and which represents an important asset in the development and promotion of tourism in Portugal. We are a country with a unique, distinctive and authentic cuisine, composed of traditional recipes written down over the course of centuries. Recipes that conceal delicious stories of people, places and flavours.

We want to narrate these stories to you and take you with us in a unique and unforgettable journey. Come with us and learn about legend of a greedy friar who, with a stone and great cunning, cheated hunger and tricked a wealthy burgher.

Discover battlements, castles, monasteries and convents and learn where they first combined “the white gold of India” with left-over egg yolk, giving rise to one of the most famous confectioneries in the world.

But there are many, many more stories to tell, which APTEC-Portuguese Culinary Tourism and Economy Association invites you to hear in its food tours.

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