APTECE is a member of World Food Travel Association, the international association with more than 23,000 members worldwide which mission is the preservation and the promotion of local cuisines and culinary cultures.

We aim to position ourselves as a driver of innovation, supporting public and private sector players to develop distinctive, authentic and genuine pilot culinary tourism products that generate high satisfaction level and stick in the memories of visitors.
In this sense we offer training solutions for professionals who wish to progress in the sector and make it more professional.

Courses Available
The Certified Culinary Travel Professional program is the first and most comprehensive training and certification program in the study of food and drink tourism.
One of the features of this program is the personalized service you receive from your academic advisor, being a part of the training conducted online, using skipe and personal interaction between the instruction and the student.
To have a CCTP the students need a minimum of 10h. They could choose to perform only a research paper on a topic of their choice or to do an exam. Another increasingly popular option is to do a business plan as a final work. Throughout the program is accompanied by an instruction who will be giving regular feedback throughout the training, including on the final work.

Once completed the course, you will have an excellent understanding of FB in the tourism industry, the demographics and psychographics of culinary travel, as well as of the benefits of working with this industry and how to present and promote products that attract culinary tourists.
Since its founding in 2008, by the International Culinary Tourism Association (now named World Food Travel Association), more than 400 professionals from dozens of countries have concluded the CCTP.
The CCTP is available in Portuguese version soon.

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