“What struck me most in Portugal was the quality of tis fish and seafood.

Wonderful and impressive. For me they are the best in tghe world”

Ferran Adrià in Expresso, 19.02.2011

It was with this statement, by the Catalan Chef in 2011, that the world looked at Portugal and its fish with admiration. But what would astonish the world is how the portuguese manage to create an unforgettable experience through a unique flavourm with only fish, salt and embers.

It´s the best fish in the world. And it is found in Portugal.

APTECE – Portuguese Association of Culinary and Economics Tourism, promotes the culinary experience and gastronomy in Portugal, having developed promotional programs, based on the autenticity of its offer, arts and people, over the years.

Inspired by the recognition of Ferran Adrià, that many others have already adhered to, it now launches the project “Portugal Figura de Proa” pursuing the objective of increasing the positioning of portuguese cuisine, this time contributing to establishing fish and seafood as products of excellence and quality. Climb aboard and head to the discovery of the best fish in the world.