Motivated by the wish of to do and by the change of the paradigm of tourism promotion in Portugal, the APTECE is willing to undertake every effort to achieve its mission allowed: contribute to the preservation and promotion of the national heritage, in particular, the Culinary Tourism in Portugal.

Currently we have two projects co-financed by European Founds – “Portugal Exclusivo-Food stories”: which the mission is the preservation of national heritage; and “Portugal à mesa – Portugal at the table”: to promote the internationalization of Portuguese cuisine. APTECE are also involved in the Organization of the World Food Travel Summit & Expo, an important event to promoting the Culinary Tourism Destinations, it will take place at Estoril in April 2015.

APTECE doesn’t want, should not be and will not be conducted only on basis of community aid, although we consider it important in the actual context and in order to our mission. In this sense the institutional relationships and cooperation are extremely important. In this chapter APTECE is particularly dynamic, unfolding in audiences with the most diverse governmental areas, from agriculture to the tourism, to the regional governance institutes to the local agencies of management development, not forgetting the culture. APTECE also maintains a constant approach and cooperation with the regions and tourism promotion agencies and business associations such as AIP, Portugal Foods and InovCluster.

Talk and promote the message of the Culinary Tourism is heart and reason, is talking passionately of a theme that has a future, is to show that 88,2% of the touristic destinations consider the gastronomy an element of identity which gives brand value.

There can´t be a gap of the market trends, and Portugal, whose the diversity and quality of the gastronomic is so strong, should have the understanding that the interconnection of the agro-food sector and tourism will be the path to the tourist growth, through the achievement of a high level segment.
For anyone who wants to embark on this mission, we are waiting for you.
José Borralho
President of APTECE – Portuguese Culinary Tourism and Economy Association